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Tessa Hogan

Tessa Hogan is a degree-qualified naturopath and medical herbalist.

Tessa studied and obtained her degree in 2016 from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in Auckland, New Zealand.

Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) current member.

Tessa has also studied yoga with Yoga Medicine® under Tiffany Cruickshank. Her study specialised in the nervous system.

Clinic director
Naturopath & medical herbalist, B.NatMed

Tessa Hogan

My driving passion behind being a naturopath comes from a deep interest in the human body, how it works and how we can look after it. I was raised on natural medicine and nutrition, and this grew into a passion when I combined this with an understanding of human biology. 

What drew me to study functional medicine over traditional medicine was the respect I have always had for the body's ability to look after itself. I wanted to learn how to foster this to help people find lasting health, rather than use tools which take over the body's natural function. 

I work with my clients to find what it is driving the imbalance in their health and identify sustainable solutions to promote their body's ability to heal itself. 

My particular areas of interest are in hormonal health and the nervous system - both big drivers behind conditions I see a lot in my clinic.

Outside of work I love to spend time running, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. I love being in the mountains and escaping to the beach when I can.

Naturopath & medical herbalist, B.NatMed

Zoe Summers

I came to be a Naturopath after experiencing my own health concerns in my younger years with my menstrual cycle, mental health, and issues with my sports performance and recovery.

I am incredibly passionate about holistic care, and wanted to teach my clients life-long skills to support not only their health, but their whānau and community too.

I prioritise nutrition education for all of my clients, teaching you how to incorporate specific foods to meat nutrient demands and create balanced meals that will satisfy you and the family.

I provide specialised support for competitive athletes engaging in endurance events, playing various competitive sports, and comprehensive support for pre-, intra-, and post-training nutrition guidance.

In addition, I have a particular interest in cellular energy, immunity challenges, and the body’s detoxification processes, specifically targeting kidney, liver and gut health and addressing associated conditions. I also see a range of reproductive disorders in clinic.

Outside of naturopathy I am a lover of music and arts, the outdoors and moving my body by surfing, hiking, or muay thai.

My values

You come first

My aim it to get you the best results possible in the simplest way possible. No band-aids, no short-term fixes - only sustainable, measurable results in your health that last a lifetime


Scientific research and clinical data informs my approach to treatment.


Goal-oriented protocols that accommodate for your unique needs and circumstances.


Treatment plans designed to be sustained over time to reach your goals, and help you stay there!

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My promise to you

It's my job to investigate your health and find the reason why you're feeling what you're feeling.

Your body doesn’t just have symptoms for no reason.
It is trying to tell you something, and it is up to me to help you understand what it is telling you.

I create a treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and motivation which will work to treat the root cause of your symptoms, bringing your health back into balance in a sustainable way.

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