Tessa Hogan

B. NatMed, NMHNZ, 200hr YTT

My Approach

My approach is different from other naturopaths.

I believe health is a skill that can be developed.

I take a birds-eye view of my patients health, find the root cause of the issue and instead of a band-aid solution, I create a targeted treatment making sustainable change and strengthening the body’s innate capacity for health.

I also work with people who want to get the most out of their health and develop resilient well-being through preventative medicine and practices which develop the skill of health.

My Promise

It is my job to investigate your health and find the reason why you are feeling what you are feeling.

Your body doesn’t just have symptoms for no reason. It is trying to tell you something, and it is up to me to help you understand what it is telling you.

I then will create a plan that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and motivation which will work to treat the root cause of your symptoms, bringing your health back into balance in a sustainable way.


[B. NatMed] Bachelor of Natural Medicine from South Pacific College, Auckland, New Zealand (2016)

[200hr YTT] Yoga teacher trained by Yoga Medicine® with Tiffany Cruickshank 

Yoga Medicine specialties (toward 500hr)

Nervous System & Restorative Yoga

Movement Intelligence

Women’s Health (currently studying)

NMHNZ member