Frequently asked questions

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Appointments and booking

How do I book an appointment?

Book yourself in for your initial appointment here.

Please do not email me asking for an appointment - the booking calendar is the fastest way to book.

Although there can be a bit of a wait for an initial appointment, please book an appointment and add yourself to the wait list on the booking page.

How much do appointments cost?

An initial appointment is $160 - this includes a comprehensive intake, initial consultation and the development of your treatment plan.

Each follow-up appointment is $60.

Are virtual appointments available?


Virtual appointments do not change anything about the therapeutic process, if you would prefer to see me virtually, or your location does not allow for in-clinic appointments that is absolutely fine.

My clinic

Where are you based?

My clinic is in Queenstown, New Zealand. I practice out of Nadi Wellness, Level 2/50 Stanley Street.

I have patients throughout New Zealand, so if you're not based in Queenstown we can do everything virtually.

What are your clinic hours?

Appointments are available Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Limited appointments are available outside of these times for special circumstances.

How do I pay for my appointments and supplements?

For virtual appointments, I will invoice you and you can pay via bank transfer.

For in-person appointments, you can either pay by EFTPOS or bank transfer.

The naturopathic process

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Can naturopathy replace my general practitioner?

No, naturopathy and herbal medicine are both modalities that work alongside western medicine. I am not a medical professional and cannot replace your physician.

I work alongside your GP to find the best solution for your long-term health.

What is included in my treatment plan?

I work with nutrition, supplementation and herbal medicine - a treatment plan can and often does include a combination of these.

I try not to over-prescribe supplements to ensure that the treatment is attainable and financially sustainable.

How often do I need to have appointments?

In the initial stages of your treatment, weekly to fortnightly appointments allow us to measure your progress and tweak treatment accordingly. This ensures the greatest chances of success.

You start with an initial consultation, then 1-2 weeks later I will present your treatment plan, and 1-2 weeks after this we check in to ensure that the treatment is going well.

From there, either fortnightly or monthly appointments are all that's required to keep progressing.

What supplements do you use?

I work exclusively with practitioner-only supplements to ensure therapeutic grade quality and an evidence-driven approach.


Do you offer testing services?

Yes, I have access to order a range of tests including blood tests, DUTCH tests, blood spot tests, saliva tests and more.

I do not initially require any testing and very rarely need testing at all to develop a treatment plan for you. However, it is an option if you would like it.

Can I bring test results to be interpreted?

Yes, absolutely!

I find it very helpful if you bring me test results to aid in the development of your treatment plan.

Naturopaths tend to have a slightly different interpretation of certain test results to doctors, so it can be helpful to look at them through another lens.

Do you require any testing?

Not at all! Testing is an option not a requirement.

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