Naturopathic First Aid

In this course, you will explore and learn how to build your own home first aid kit using natural alternatives. You will also learn when and how you use everything so you can be empowered to look after yourself and your family.

What you can expect from this course

Course Overview


Your Own Natural Healthcare

Why is it important to have a first-aid kit at home that includes natural remedies. How to use it responsibly and safely.



An outline of the conditions that we cover in the course. What are the common household ailments you could come across.


Your First-aid Kit Library

An overview of all of the natural remedies you could possibly include in your first-aid kit.


Your First-aid Kit

The specific remedies, foods, herbs and everything else that you could include in your kit and an explanation about what they are.


Specific Conditions

Get into detail on the specific conditions that are covered in this course and the tool you have in your first-aid kit to help. Including how to use everything for specific conditions


Bonus: Household herbs as medicine

The herbs that we can grow easily at home which have medicinal properties, what they do and how to use them.

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