What my clients have said:

“I have had these health issues for over 20 years. I didn’t even know that it was possible to feel well again. After just two weeks with Tessa, I could hardly recognise myself. I felt so much better, and since then I have only been improving more.”

“I have never worked with a practitioner like Tessa, she is extremely knowledgeable yet she seems to make things simple and easy for me to understand. I feel as though I’ve learnt so much in working with her.”

“If you have any issues with your period, please go and see Tessa. I have always had extremely difficult periods which really held me back. With Tessa’s undivided attention, and amazing quality of care I am no longer in pain and am feeling so proud of my body. I can’t thank her enough.”

Client Stories

Clinical Experiences Written by Clients

Jordan & Diarmuid’s Experience:

“From our first initial consultation, my wife and I have found Tessa to be a pleasure to work with. Tessa worked diligently to understand our past health problems and issues, and provided us both with treatment plans tailored to meet our needs. With Tessa’s guidance and assistance, we noticed a significant improvement in our health soon after. We also worked with Tessa in building a preconception plan, and have luckily fell pregnant too. Throughout our appointments, Tessa addressed our concerns, and followed up with us to ensure we received the highest level of care possible.”

Tania’s Experience:

Working with Tessa Hogan has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience. To begin with, I really appreciated being given the options of how to go ahead with a treatment plan that suited my lifestyle. This is a great demonstration of really considering the client’s needs and wants. It made me feel empowered that I was taking care of myself, rather than being told what to do or not do. I found Tessa to be genuine, empathetic, professional, and very knowledgeable. Tessa was so easy to talk to about my issues and always responded promptly to any queries or questions I may have had. Her online platform was easy to use and navigate through – and I’m not super computer savvy. The treatment plan that both Tessa and I worked on, has not only improved my symptoms materially, but has also been incorporated easily and effortlessly into my lifestyle, which is great moving forward in maintaining my health status. I highly recommend Tessa for anyone wanting to take control of their health and make use of the naturopathic modality.”

(Anonymous) Experience:

“The health issues I went to see Tessa about I have had for over 20 years. I didn’t even know that it was possible to feel well again. I started to see Tessa from a recommendation from a friend and I must admit I was a little nervous it wouldn’t help. However, from my very first appointment, Tessa was so attentive, and listened to all of my health complaints, like no other practitioner I have ever seen before. She looked at it from every angle and didn’t miss a thing. She came up with several, very simple solutions. I started with the treatment plan and after a few weeks of the plan and weekly calls with Tessa to keep me on track, I could hardly recognise myself. I felt so much better, in ways I never thought would be possible for me and since then I have only been improving more!”